Stop Being Nice!!

If you are a woman or socialized as a woman, then you have been told to “Be Nice.” This message means don’t upset people, make sure everyone has happy feelings, don’t upset people, apologize so others feel better, put everyone’s needs before yourself and basically…please be perfect and make sure everyone else is happy in the process.

Since we as women are amazing rule followers and gold star earners,  we have been ALL IN on being nice. In doing so, we have found ourselves burned out, unhappy, unsure of who we really are, and in a life that we feel stuck in. 

GOOD NEWS…this is all learned behavior which means it can all be UNLEARNED, and I can help you do just that.

Think about how your professional life will change if you can speak your mind, ask for the raise/promotion you want, speak without caring what others are thinking, become totally neutral about that coworker that you want to throat punch on a daily basis, and discard the notion that everything has to be done perfectly? 

Think about how your personal life will change if you can stop putting everyone’s needs before yours, not having guilt about time for yourself, trying to be all things to all people, saying no without an explanation, discovering who YOU are again and what YOU want your life to look like instead of creating it based on what someone thinks your life should look like.  

If you are a professional woman who feels stuck and is tired of being nice…I can help you. Everything mentioned above  is all possible for you.   It only requires a simple click below to schedule your free session to start your unapologetic life. YOU READY?

About Jennifer

I'm Not Nice... You're Welcome

Hello… Growing up I was an outspoken and go against the grain child.  I often was told by adults that I was “being mean” or “just be quiet,” and I often felt shame and confusion.  I knew in my heart there wasn’t mean intentions. As I grew, I would hear the message “just be good.”  Well..I am…I thought. 

Fast forward to now and I have a husband, 4 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, and  have had 2 careers (one in tech and the other as a physician).  Being in male dominated fields, I have definitely heard the message of what a good girl needed to be.  I would still hear when I spoke up, names like “bitch”, “difficult” or “unprofessional.”  would often try and shape shift to fit without people pleasing, since that was never in my nature. Being a mother and a professional, I had the “good girl” complex coming at me from all aspects of my life.  I was trying to be the “best mother” and “best professional”.  All the balls were in the air at my expense.  I was last on my list.  I was getting judgements from other mothers, judgements from those at work, judgements from myself as to what I “should” be doing, how to do it, and why I was constantly failing. One day in an interview, I was asked what my hobbies were or what I did for fun.  I had no answer. I had no hobbies…I had no fun.  This is when I new there needed to be change. 

I got to work.  I researched and learned about the “good girl complex” and how much of what I was think and doing to myself had simply been socialized into me.  I could unlearn it.  Well..AMAZING!  I worked on my shame around being outspoken. I strengthened my muscle of not caring what people think of my choices by looking at my thought patterns around it.  I no longer apologize for the choices I make.  My perfectionism is still a work in progress, but is improving.  I live unapologetically…and so can you.  I feel so much more calm and happy with the life I have created.  

Coaching has been the catalyst my changes. Coaching helped me to learn the skill of managing my mind, identifying  my limiting beliefs, uncovered and challenged  the stories I told myself and believed to be true, and learned that I have a choice of what to think which ultimately affects the outcomes in my life.  It has been a game changer!!

Work with me

This Isn't Me Telling You What to Do

This is life coaching…not therapy…not me telling you what to do.  As a certified life coach, I help you look at your own life, decide what you want to change, and provide you tools to achieve those goals. I coach my clients to learn mind management by showing them how their thoughts create their results, uncover limiting beliefs holding them back, discover embedded stories they tell themselves which aren’t true, and identify  speech/thought patterns that have been socialized to women which also hold my ladies back. Once we uncover and work through these areas…we unlock your unapologetic life!!


Real Clients

Jennifer has the laser-focused ability to see through my limiting beliefs and help me move through them.  Her straight-forward approach keeps me on task and clear on what I am actually working on but is balanced by her understanding and compassion important for becoming vulnerable.  I appreciate having a hard-worker who can match my pace to go through the uncomfortable process of growing past my comfort zone with.  If you want the straight shot, efficient, no BS, get it done approach to self-improvement, Jennifer is the girl.

Jenn Andersen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I started coaching thinking it would be something to kind of round out my personal development, but it’s been way more than that. Jennifer has helped me develop the tools to manage my mind and free myself from all kinds of stories and ceilings I’ve placed on myself. In 12 sessions here are a few of the ways Jennifer has helped me.

  • I’m no longer afraid of flying. I just decided to change my thoughts about it, and now it’s no big deal.
  • I can approach people and situations neutrally and be curious about them instead of spiraling and being a victim of people and situations. 
  • I can see my “story” for myself way more clearly, and I can decide if the story is serving me or not. 
  • I show up as myself more without fear of how other people will judge me. It’s freeing and empowering.

Amy Thorn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was looking to “level up” in my career – but little did I know that she’d coach me all the way up to the C-Suite! She is exactly the coach I needed: a smart and powerful advisor who could see through my internal narratives, and who wasn’t afraid to tell hard truths. As a life-long overachiever, I was stuck in a pattern of worrying about the opinions of others, focused only on what others thought I “should” do. When Jennifer coached me to approach challenges with curiosity instead of anxiety, everything changed. Her expert guidance and thought-provoking coaching methods help me show up as a better leader, a sharper strategist, and with fewer apologies for taking up space or achieving success. Now, she’s helping me reclaim a more empowered narrative as a trailblazer, teaching me to manage my mindset for more effective decision-making. I consider Jennifer a central advisor in my life, and her invaluable support and expertise have accelerated my career and promoted my positive personal growth.

Emily Saras ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Start your journey to living unapologetically

It is totally possible to unlearn all of the “Be Nice” messages that you have incorporated into your current life.  You can live a life that you design just as you want without feeling guilty, mean, or that you are being “bad.”

Click below to schedule your free session where we will look at your goals, the vision for your life and create the plan to get what you want…so exciting.  I look forward to helping you.